Here are some important information to remember about the insurance, the free choice of the repairer and the insurance excess.
In some cases, we offer to cover all or part of the amount of your excess. Discover all the details below.
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Free to choose your repairer

According to the legislation, each insured user is totally free to choose his/her repairer. Insurers are obliged to explicitly inform their members of this possibility (which is rarely done).

Indeed, this Hamon law, in effect since 2015, is meant to protect the insured users from non professional practices of some insurers. They put their business interests first, to the detriment of clients' ones, by favoring low cost interventions instead of security and quality.

Your insurance excess

Most of the time, according to the terms of your contract, in case of accident, your insurer charge you for an excess. This sum is left for your responsibility and has to be paid to the repairer.

In particular cases, the Carrosserie Plan de Gattières suggests to offer you the whole or part of the amount of this excess.

The fundamentals about insurance

We are holder of most of the insurances certifications. Moreover, we guarantee a high level of technical skills, which allows us to deal with any type of body repair work.

Plus, we are at your disposal to guide you in all your administrative procedures with your insurance, from the drafting of your accident report to negotiations with the insurance expert.
Therefore, you can take advantage of the best advices in order to protect your interests at best.