We carry out all types of bodywork intervention : sheet metal workshop, painting, replacement of car elements, glaziery, little mechanics and tyres.
Your vehicle was hooked, accidentally damaged or vandalised ? We are at your disposal to inform you about the different possible solutions.

For any further information, request or advice you may require, do not hesitate to contact us by :e-mail ou téléphone 04 93 29 11 12


 vignette Paint

Bodywork painting involves the preparation of the vehicle (car, motorcycle or any kind of vehicle), the correcting procedure and the repair of the damaged surface area (puttying, sanding, ...).

Finally, after having protected the intact parts of the vehicle, we apply the paint and spray the varnish in a dedicated cubicle. The Carrosserie Plan de Gattières uses the OMIA LUXIA 700 cubicle.

Wheel renovation

 vignette Wheel renovation

Sheet metal workshop

 vignette Sheet metal workshop

As the surgeon of damaged cars, we dismantle the damaged elements to get them back in shape, if they are repairable, or to replace them if they are not.


 vignette Glaziery

Important to know :

The repair and the replacement of all the windows in your vehicle (wing mirrors, rear-view mirrors, windows, back window and windshield) are also part of the panel beater work.
In case of impact or crack on your windshield, we take care of the repair (if possible, according to the size of the impact) by using the injection of resin, or by replacing the whole windshield.

Agreed by insurance, do not hesitate to contact us in case of accident or act of vandalism. We will be pleased to guide you through the administrative procedure.

Replacement of elements

 vignette Replacement of elements

Automotive troubleshooting

Whatever the location of your damaged or broken down vehicle, we are able to drive it back in our bodywork, especially since the law Hamon , in force since the beginning of 2015, allows the user to choose the repairer he/she wants.

Changing your tires

When you leave us your vehicle for bodywork repairs, you have the opportunity to check your tires and if necessary, to have them replaced.

Administrative Formalities

If you wish, the Carrosserie Plan de Gattières freely takes charge of all administrative formalities to do with your insurance. We take care of all the procedure to simplify your life.

Little Mechanics

Kill two birds with one stone !

When you leave us your vehicle for bodywork repairs, we offer you a service (mechanical check-up) according to the car needs (draining, oil change, replacement of brake disks, brake pads, battery, filters and so on).